Mallory rotor arc evidence & nylon screw repair

Bill Jones' Photo Gallery Page 11

This is the underside of Mallory used on a BBC Jesel belt drive system where there is positive evidence of arcing off the bottom of the rotor---to the metal screws and the metal of the Jesel housing---- and the repairs that I did to eliminate the problem.
-This is also a very common problem inside Mallory Unilite distributors that have the small diameter distributor caps---where the spark jumps down to the metallic arrow decal on the Unilite module.
-Same problem also happens inside Mallory Comp 9000 large cap distributors where the spark jumps down to the two metal cap adapter screws.
-When this happens the engine just lays down like it has run out of power, has symptoms simliar to weak valve springs or a low battery or like the engine isn't getting fuel.