-The brush on the left is what I found in my 1980 model SF300 flow bench after 26 years.
-The brush on the right is a new Ametek #33308 for comparison.
-On top of the left side brush is the wire terminal blade that connects to the motor wiring.
-This blade slides into the black plastic housing right above the brass that surrounds the brush.
-To remove the brush assembly from the motor you have to pry this terminal out from the plastic.
-There is a small bump visible on the blade end of the terminal---and that bump is like a one way check---it slides in easier that it comes out---so it is easy to break the wire and may well require a repair of the wire to the terminal.

-Here is the brush assembly installed where the blade terminal has been pried out about 1/2 way---but you can’t pry it all the way out until the brush assembly is removed from the motor
-Note the phillips head screws of the clamp that retains the brush holder to the motor.
-The motors inside my SF300 had straight slotted screws and they were very tight.
-This created a fairly serious problem as it is extremely difficult to get sufficient pressure on a screwdriver to where you could actually break the screws loose without slipping & sliding and ruining the screws slot.
-You can’t get a regular length screwdriver inside the motor compartment---so I had to shorten a screwdriver to where it was actually a snug press fit in length--so that the tight press fit helps in preloading the screw slot which helped in getting the screws to break loose.
-Then I had to use another shorter screwdriver to remove the screws.
-This entire deal with the screws was very frustrating---so I located a box of 8-32 x 1/2” allen head screws that used a 9/64” (.140”) allen wrench T-handle ---and I had to taper grind the threads back on the ends of the screws for about 1/8” so they’d tighten up properly.

-Here is the brush holder assembly removed from a motor---and the wire is shown having been successfully removed/pried out from the brush holder without damaging the wire or the terminal end.

-This shows the terminal end of the wire fully inserted.
-The terminal end needs to be installed into the brush holder before the brush holder gets installed---as there is not room to insert the terminal once the brush holder is installed.

SuperFlow 300 Motor Brushes

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