Rod Bearing Chamfer Tools

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- just for sh-ts and grins I just made up a plastic piece like I described and touched up the chamfers on a set of used BBC bearings---just to get the dimensions I'd use.

-The bearing shells need to just slightly expand to snap onto a 2.285" diameter snout---which is sort of nice because you can just pop'm on there and they stay put while you install the hose clamp.

-I put the step back at .710" and that leaves you enough room to get your lathe tool in there and to be able to see all of the chamfered area.

-The OD of the fixture needs to be 2.375" as a minimum for the step.

-Took about 5 minutes to make the fixture and chamfer the one pair of shells.
-Years ago I took 3 sizes of Chevrolet rods-----cut the beams off with a bandsaw and ground'm sort of smooth----chucked each rod up in the lathe and machined the outside side edges of the rods round----to where I had enough an area to grip'm in my lathe jaws.

-Then I tack welded the head of the rod bolts to rods---removed the nuts & the rod caps and cut the bolt off to where I had about 7/16" of the rod bolt left to act as a dowel for the rod cap.

-Those have served me well for 30 years.
-The only problem with the larger diameter of the plastic part is there is gap which means that if you wanted to do a hand scrape with a deburr tool you wouldn't be able to.
    These photos show the plastic fixture and a jig I made for BBC's by modifying a BBC rod.
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