Fuel Flow Data Sheets & Charts

Bill Jones' Photo Gallery Page 29

#3 is:
Gallons Per Minute (GPM) converted to Pounds Per Hour (PPH)---methanol
-.51 GPM to 6 GPM----202 PPH to 2376 PPH
#4 is:
Gallons Per Minute (GPM) converted to Pounds Per Hour (PPH)---methanol
-.01 GPM to .50 GPM---3.96 PPH to 198 PPH---for dealing with idle.
#5 is:
499BBC CROWER STACK INJECTION, on gas, for Bonneville
-a basic plan with details of all the components.
#6 is:
Square inch area chart of .011" to .164" diameters
-includes references to #4 to #20 Hilborn nozzles, Holley jets, and 5 handy math formulas
#7 is:
Total PPH flow of about 12 different sets of eight nozzles----sizes .022: to .040"
-ranges from 225 PPH up to 1065 PPH-----30PSI up to 85psi in 5 pound increments

These files are in .PDF form