I bought this Intercomp valve spring tester because I needed something capable of reading to 1000# and to be able to read in 1# increments.
    First problem was the small---about 8" diameter crank handle---that is shown under the large 2 sheave pulley that I installed.
    There was no way possible to use that small handle can do much more than about 200# without a lot of extra exerted effort----but this large hand wheel makes it very easy to use now------up to 1027# which is the top limit of this tester.
-Second issue is I like to have the tester closer to eye height rather than down on a bench where I'm always having to bend over---so I mounted the tester on a steel storage bench top that I happen to have at about 50" high.
-Part of the reason for the extra tall bench height is so that I have room to store 3 engines mounted on engine stands under that bench.
    I had been wanting to test a couple of torque wrenches so I made up a 12" or one foot arm and the trunnion so that I could snap the torque wrench on one side  and the 12" arm on the other---with the 12" arm pushing on the spring pad of the tester---and pull the torque wrench handle while being able to watch the digital readout and the torque wrench scale at the same time.
    I also have a calculator mounted right there---and I keep blank tags and a pen right there handy so I can jot down the specifications of the springs.

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