I had to repair a 460 ford distributor hole that had galled the surface created by friction from the bottom of the distributor gear.
-This galling had also migrated down the distributor shaft into the pilot hole on the block.
-I hand made this particular brass bushing rather than using a Mopar bushing mainly because I didn't have a Mopar bushing immediately available.
    These 4 photos show the tooling I fabricated and used to repair the wounded area---not the best quality photos----but maybe you can get an idea from this.
-I stamped 8 degrees right in the top of the distributor pad-----and for some reason I wouldn't think the distributor would be tilted over that far---so I'm hoping I got that angle right.
-Using these tools doesn't require knowing anything about the angle.

Bill Jones' Photo Gallery Page 8

Repairing Distributor Bushing on 460 Block