Dyno Pictures / Exhaust

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Cylinder Head Related

Mechanical Fuel Pump Testing

Data Aquisition Pics

Click on button to play video of Vibratory Polisher in action

Dyno Test on Marine 434 SBC

This video shows an AFB carb during a dyno pull
The airdoor movement is of particular interest, along with the fuel being pulled from the back of the carburetor
Dyno Test on 493" Chrysler (7.6MB)
Dyno Test on SBC Limited Late Model (9.38 MB)
Video Showing what goes on inside the float bowl during a dyno pull
Video showing Q-jet secondary fuel feed during dyno pull
Video Showing 4412 2BBL during dyno pull

Dyno Test on W2 Dodge Limited Late Model 390 Carb

Dyno Test on SBC - Limited Late Model 2BBL

Dyno Test on SBC - Street Stock Type Engine

Watch the timing on this engine during a dyno pull
Dyno Test on 351 Ford Late Model
Dyno Test on Asphalt Modified SBC
Dyno Test on 440 Chrysler
Dyno Test on BBC - 454

Engine Tools

Ignition Related

Vacuum Seals

Video of Loose Valve Guide found on teardown

Internal Engine Parts

New Depac ADL system showing repeat pull Machine Gun Dots

Dyno Stuff

945 HP 540 BBC 8 PSI Boost 8-71

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